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The NIHRF is a unique collaboration by a range of civil society organisations interested in the protection and promotion of human rights at home and abroad.

For over five years the Northern Ireland Human Rights Festival has seen a diverse range of organisations working in partnership to develop an annual programme of events which celebrates human rights both locally and internationally.

Participation by organisations in the festival is on an invitation only basis and we will be working with a range of organisations and colleagues to bring together an exciting programme of events for the public. 


The festival recruits a number of volunteers each year to assist in managing our packed schedule and ensuring the smooth running of events.

Volunteers can benefit from being immersed into a wide range of human rights events and issues, run by a multitude of non-profit, charity and human rights groups. It provides a valuable hands-on experience for those interested in the field of human rights, the arts, event management or those who are just curious or want to be involved in some fun events.

If you wish to volunteer for this year’s festival, please get in touch using the form below.

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Please indicate which days and/or evenings during the week of 10th – 16th December you are available to volunteer.
Please tell us about any skills or interests that may be relevant in helping us assign you to a particular volunteering role. Please also include any human rights issues you particularly care about.