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The NIHRF has never been just a series of centrally organised events but a unique collaboration by a range of civil society organisations under a common unifying theme.

For the past four years the Northern Ireland Human Rights Festival has seen a diverse range of organisations working in partnership to develop an annual programme of events which celebrates human rights both locally and internationally.

Now that we’re hitting a milestone 5th festival, we want to make sure that this year’s programme contains our most exciting, ambitious, awe-inspiring and mind-blowing set of events.

We want events that will not only tackle and explore important human rights themes, but that make the public think about rights in a whole new way.

So there are a couple of ways that you or your organisation can become involved in the festival.

  1. Organisations - host an event

  2. Individuals - volunteer

If your organisation is interested in participating in this year’s festivities, then please check out the eligibility criteria below and download our application form for event proposals.

Individuals interested in volunteering can also find out more about what that entails and make contact with the Consortium.

Host an Event


All events should:

        Take place in Northern Ireland between 4 - 10 December 2016 (inclusive).

        Be open to the public.

        Have a human rights issue/theme as a core element of the event/activity.

        Be as engaging and accessible as possible to a wide range of people.

        Be held in a venue that is fully accessible.

In addition:

        If there is to be a charge for an event it should not be prohibitive.

        All event organisers take responsibility for all relevant insurances, licenses and health and safety requirements and will provide evidence upon request.

·         Each event should seek to positively promote the role of human rights in Northern Ireland or internationally and should approach issues in a fair and balanced manner.

The Human Rights Consortium reserves the right to refuse event proposals that do not meet the above criteria.



What we (Human Rights Consortium) agree to do:

•  Help participants (where requested) with ideas for events, funding advice and venues.

•  Include approved events in the festival programme, website and social media and include appropriate organisational logos.

•  Carry out a comprehensive marketing campaign, including the publication and distribution of NIHRF event programmes, e-marketing and other promotional activities.

What event organisers agree to do:

•  Take responsibility for all costs associated with your participation in the NIHRF.

•  Take responsibility for all relevant insurances, licenses and health and safety requirements associated with your activity.

•  Publicise your individual event as part of the broader NIHRF with your contacts, via social media and in any other generic print and publicity material as appropriate.

• Distribute NIHRF event surveys to the audience at the conclusion of their event, as well as filling out an individual event holder survey.

If your organisation wishes to host an event then please download, complete and return the application form below to Jason McKeown on or before 29th September 2016.

We would encourage organisations to take the opportunity to discuss event ideas with festival staff before submitting your application. Please use the e-mail address above to make initial contact and arrange a chat about your idea.  

Download Application Form


The festival recruits a number of volunteers each year to assist in managing our packed schedule and ensuring the smooth running of events.

Volunteers can benefit from being immersed into a wide range of human rights events and issues, run by a multitude of non-profit, charity and human rights groups. It provides a valuable hands-on experience for those interested in the field of human rights, the arts, event management or those who are just curious or want to be involved in some fun events.

If you wish to volunteer for this year’s festival, please get in touch using the form below.

Name *
Phone *
Please indicate which days and/or evenings during the week of 4th - 10th December you are available to volunteer.
Please tell us about any skills or interests that may be relevant in helping us assign you to a particular volunteering role. Please also include any human rights issues you particularly care about.